Forever&Ever® growers

Forever&Ever came to the continent through the Netherlands, Germany and France and is now spreading fast throughout Europe. The specific qualities of Forever&Ever® and the sustainable way they are cultivated are appealing to more and more retailers and consumers.

Our collection consists of only the most carefully selected garden plants that meet the highest standards of ornamental value, ease and quality. Forever&Ever® are grown by strictly selected and sustainable top hydrangea growers. All growers are very aware of the unique features of the Forever&Ever® garden plant collection. This is reflected in our growing methods and the way we care for our plants. Our experts give the plants time to mature properly. All with the goal of supplying you, as a consumer or professional business, with the best kinds and the best selection of garden plants.

Gebr. Jonkers Elshout BV
Wolfshoek 53
5154 AB, Elshout

Hydrangea 5L

De Jong Plant BV
Alfensvaart 11
2771 NM, Boskoop

Hydrangea 5L Hydrangea paniculata 5L

Boomkwekerij Roos BV
Zijde 117
2771 EV Boskoop




M. van den oever
Olen 5a
5694 NP, Son en Breugel

Hydrangea XXL

Florarbo BVBA
Haanhoutstraat 52
B – 9080, Beervelde (Lochristi)

Hydrangea paniculata XXL

B&B plant BV
Grubbenvorsterweg 26a
5973 NB, Lottum

Hydrangea on stem

Desmartis Pépinières
Route d’Agen
24100 Bergerac

Hydrangea 5L & XXL

KB Plants BV
Lange Kruisweg 28c
2676 BL, Maasdijk


Duet s.j. Konopka, Pelka
Emilanow 31
05-250 Radzymin

Hydrangea 5L