In addition to easy-care, Forever&Ever® hibiscus is a very willing and profuse flowerer with an abundance of blossoms and a compact shape. Because Forever&Ever in six colours is so easy to maintain, you will spend more time sitting back and enjoying it. Not green-fingered? No problem! Apart from giving it sufficient water, Forever&Ever® requires almost no attention. Receive timely maintenance tips and pruning reminders via our App or by registering on our website. Our knowledge, your gardening pleasure! 

The Forever&Ever® hibiscus does not exceed 120 cm, making it the maintenance advice to prune once per year. The hibiscus is suitable for garden borders, but also as a terrace or balcony potted plant.

The Forever&Ever® hibiscus is a very user-friendly plant and suitable for anyone. With this hibiscus in six colours, anyone can now create a fabulous sea of flowers in their garden or balcony , even if you don’t have green fingers! Year in, year out!


Forever&Ever® Hibiscus loves the sun. A little shade is fine, but not too much.

When to plant

When do I plant Forever&Ever® Hibiscus in my garden?
In early spring or autumn.


Are you putting the plant in a pot? Then standard potting compost is fine.
Are you putting the plant in the ground? Hibiscus Chiffon® grows well in most gardens. It thrives best in ground with good drainage. If in doubt, ask at your garden centre.


Spring: Do you want to keep it compact? Then it’s best to prune everything to 40 cm. Do you want it taller? Then, you don’t need to do anything.
Summer: This is the blooming season so enjoy the many large flowers. You don’t need to do anything.
Autumn/winter: The plant is dormant. You do not need to prune.


When planting in the ground, give it a full watering can. In summer, during sunny and hot weather, give it a half watering can.


Feeding (fertiliser) provides Chiffon Hibiscus extra energy to grow and bloom. The leaves also stay greener with feeding. Fertilise 1x in the spring. Use a fertiliser containing potassium which you can purchase at garden centres.


Forever&Ever® Hibiscus can withstand cold to -25 degrees Celsius. The leaves can be lost, but there is no need to worry. In the spring leaves will appear, then the large flowers in summer.