Forever&Ever public green spaces


The Forever&Ever® garden plant selection lends itself perfectly to public green spaces. The specific qualities of the plants and the sustainable way they are cultivated appeals to ever more municipalities. The search for the best and most healthy plant is an endless one. Breeders and other experts are constantly looking for the plant with the most beautifully coloured flowers and the best and healthiest growth properties. In addition, these plants must provide the most pleasure for the residents and citizens of the community.

Forever&Ever is grown with great care for people and the environment. We work with organic fertilisers and use a bio-based substance to get the plants in the best form and condition.  Water is recycled, and we are continuously investigating additional steps in sustainability of the process, and the use of ingredients for, as an example, (potting) soil. Selected plants must survive a multi-year test phase. Only then do they receive the Forever&Ever designation. In addition, all Forever&Ever plants have independent certifications like MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ.

openbaargroen forever en ever hortensia


rotonde forever en ever openbaar groen
  • Lasting product of Dutch origin
  • Available year round, from January to December
  • The hydrangea is ranked in the top 3 most sold ornamental plant products
  • Forever&Ever® is a proven product in the horticultural industry
  • Grows in more or less any soil type, except for heavy, poorly draining clay
  • Solid branches that are not weakened by rain
  • MPS GAP certificate and MPS Socially Qualified certificate
  • Flowers from early spring to late autumn
  • 1x per year (mechanised) pruning
  • Weed-suppressive action