Limited edition Forever&Ever® Calla now available in Dutch garden centres!

Forever&Ever Calla Red

In addition to the abundant “mophead” and plume hydrangea (or hydrangea paniculata), the Forever&Ever® collection includes a stylish and modern Calla. This limited edition is recently available at various garden centres. Tuincentrum Drunen has recently added the Calla to their assortment. The Coppelmans locations in Nuenen, Valkenswaard and Oisterwijk will receive the Calla the end of this week. The Calla is also available in various garden centres in Germany and Denmark. Email and we will happily share more about the specific points of sale.

Because the Forever&Ever® Calla in various colours is so easy to maintain, you will spend more time enjoying it. In addition to easy-care, the Forever&Ever® Calla is a very willing and profuse flowerer with beautiful blossoms and outstanding quality. The Calla is suitable for garden borders, but most commonly and frequently used as a terrace or balcony potted plant. The Forever&Ever® Calla is a very user-friendly plant and suitable for everyone. With this Calla in a variety of colours, anyone can now create a fabulous sea of flowers in their garden or on their balcony, even if you don’t have green fingers!

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