Macrophylla White


  • Latin name: Hydrangea Macrophylla
  • Flowering: Flowers every year with intense colours from spring well into autumn. At the end of each season, the flowers discolour slightly. The following year the plant blooms bright white again! Jurgen Smit explains in this video: Colouring of the white hydrangea
  • Unlike other Hydrangea macrophylla, flowers on annual and perennial wood. So each branch flowers, regardless of pruning or frost.
  • Pruning: Requires almost no maintenance, so no pruning needed
  • Hardy: To -25 degrees Celsius
  • Flower type: Large round mophead flowers
  • Flowering period: Early spring to late autumn
  • Locations: Prefers semi-shade (part of the day sun, part shade)
  • Suitable for: Borders, beds, balconies and terraces
  • Watering: Average to plentiful water. Does not like dry conditions
  • Maximum plant growth: 75-95 cm tall and wide
  • Pot height: 17.5 cm
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  • Flowers every year in wonderful shades of white, from spring well into autumn.
  • Intense white flower
  • Flowers every year regardless of pruning or frost
  • Grows in more or less any soil type, except for heavy, poorly draining clay
  • Prefers slightly acidic soils


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