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Sustainably responsible

Containers made from recycled material

Do you recognize him?

No longer requiring the use of carbon. Made from recycled household waste and themselves 100% recyclable! The raw material therefore meets the strictest requirements to make the containers detectable in the recycling process in (all) European countries. An unmistakable next step in responsible and sustainable enterprise, a positive contribution to literally and figuratively make our planet greener.

Can you see or feel any difference? No. The containers and trays have remained the same, for the uses for which they were intended.

Please recycle (again)

Eco-Loop is an initiative by a number of dedicated growers and producers who wish to jointly contribute to taking the next sustainable steps, as a collective. And to include consumers in the underlying process of recycling, to show them what we do and why we do it. Together, we literally and figuratively ensure a greener planet.