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Thanks to the Forever&Ever garden plant collection – as our name says – you always have a brilliant garden, balcony or terrace. Our garden plants ensure you can always sit in a flower-filled, appealing and beautifully dressed space. With hard work and the greatest pleasure in the world, the Forever&Ever team works to surround you with blooms.

The variety of plants in the collection – from a traditional yet unique “mophead” hydrangea to the stylish Calla lily – ensures there is something for everyone. Check out the entire Forever&Ever collection. Always recognisable by the purple pot!

Our knowledge, your gardening pleasure

Our collection consists of only the most carefully selected garden plants that meet the highest standards of ornamental value, ease and quality. A large international team of professionals have chosen only the best, so that you can enjoy a well-groomed garden with colourful blooms.

The Forever&Ever garden plant collection is easy to maintain. A flower-filled summer, carefree. The main features of the brand and therefore the underlying brand promise are “abundant flowers”, “top quality”, “compact growth” and “low maintenance”.